Virtual Attendance registration is LIVE

Families are now invited to register for Virtual Attendance by submitting this form. Families can opt-in to Virtual Attendance at any time, but a student will not be permitted to learn on campus for the remainder of that term. For questions about Virtual Attendance registration, email

Virtual Attendance Protocol

Virtual Attendance was created in the lead-up to the 2020-2021 school year to serve students who are unable to attend school in-person for reasons related to health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students can access LFCDS classes via Virtual Attendance in one of two ways.

  1. A family can choose to attend classes virtually in trimester terms (fall, winter, and spring). Students who opt into VA (and they can opt in at any time during the term) may not return to on-campus learning until the start of the next term unless an exception is granted by the LFCDS academic administrative team. This consistency will help teachers to best plan for students.

  2. School policy requires a student to stay home, whether because of COVID-19-related symptoms they or someone in their household is showing, exposure to a known COVID-19 case, and/or because of the School’s response to other COVID-19 cases. Students are able to return to campus only when granted clearance to do so by the school nurse, per our school protocol.

On a given school day, a student can attend either virtually or in-person, but not both. If a student leaves school before the end of the school day, for example, because during the day they develop symptoms or because they have an appointment, then the student will not be allowed to attend class virtually that same day. Families are encouraged to schedule necessary appointments in the morning so that their child can arrive by 10:15 a.m., the mid-morning check-in time.

In any situation, if a student is too sick, they should not be expected or required to attend virtually.

Families that choose to keep students from attending school for other reasons, such as a family trip, an extra day added to a long weekend, or an appointment, will not be able to attend classes virtually during those absences, unless they choose to formally enroll in Virtual Attendance for the remainder of the term.

It is possible, however, to imagine unanticipated emergencies coming up in a family’s life that are not related to COVID-like symptoms or illness that could warrant Virtual Attendance in some temporary way. The division heads will have discretion to decide whether Virtual Attendance is warranted in such extraordinary cases.

As a reminder, students who have been required to stay home will not return to campus unless they have been cleared to do so by our school nurse and after meeting the return requirements. On their first day back they are required to see the nurse before attending class.