After a great deal of deliberation at the board and administrative level, LFCDS has made the difficult decision to suspend its lunch program until it is safe again to serve communal lunch to students, faculty, and staff. Please know that this is for the community’s health and safety. Our goal is to keep our campus open for learning for as many days this school year as possible, and this decision supports that goal. Some schools have opted against a full on-campus school day in part because of the logistical difficulty of offering a comprehensive and safe lunch program in these circumstances. We maintain a full-day, five-day on-campus program as our goal--a goal that this decision makes more achievable.

Students will be expected to bring to school each day a peanut/nut free lunch from home (including no food that “may contain nuts” or “processed in a facility that also processes nuts” or “manufactured on equipment used for nuts”). Any child with food allergies or intolerances must provide all the appropriate “safe” food and provide two labeled Epipens -- one to be kept in the classroom and another in the nurse’s office. The teacher will not be checking lunches or reading ingredients labels. If eating outdoors, the teacher will take the student’s Epipen.

All lunches will be eaten in the classrooms or, when possible, outdoors. Whether indoors or out, students will maintain social distance of at least six feet at all times during lunch. Students will wash their hands and wipe off their desks before and after eating.

Please note additional lunch considerations:

  • there can be absolutely no sharing of food

  • lunch will not be able to be refrigerated or heated up; please send lunch in a thermal container

  • students must be able to independently open items packed in their lunch

  • lunch boxes and bags must be clearly labeled with each student’s name

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