Lake Forest Country Day School is committed to a dynamic program of academics, the arts, and athletics and supports an engaged faculty to challenge students to discover and explore their talents to the fullest. LFCDS maintains standards of dress that express respect for this important endeavor.

LFCDS’s school dress program reflects the values inherent in the School’s teaching philosophy and is designed to:

  • Define standards, which are age-appropriate and seasonally comfortable.

  • Allow individual expression of style within specified expectations.

  • Create a level of consistency in attire, which will contribute to the overall appearance of the student body and discourage competition in clothing.

  • Promote individual neatness.

The School continues to offer a specified wardrobe from Lands’ End which includes many choices (i.e., khakis, polos, oxfords, skirts, skorts, sweaters, etc.), colors, and sizing options. Preschool and junior kindergarten students do not maintain dress code standards (see below, preschool and junior kindergarten School Dress Program) but certainly may wear items from the school dress program if a family so chooses. All clothing should be labeled with your child’s name.

2020-2021 modifications

  • Families may purchase similar attire from any vendor or preferred online retailer (such as J. Crew, Target, Macys, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Gap, etc.)

  • Tops should be any solid-colored and either short or long sleeved collared polo or oxford style shirt.

  • Bottoms should be solid/plaid skirts or solid-colored khaki or navy pants or shorts.

  • Please avoid clothing which include graphic designs, stripes, or slogans.

  • Clothing should be modest and age-appropriate (no tank tops, spaghetti straps, or sleeveless items should be worn).

  • Students may wear solid-colored outerwear during the school day.

  • LFCDS reserves the right to deem any mask inappropriate for style, content, or protective ability.

  • Upper School students need to wear appropriate activewear on their designated athletics days. Please see the Physical Education Dress details below.

Physical education dress

Upper School students will be receiving two athletic tops this year. These are to be worn to school on designated athletics days. (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 7/8th graders, and Tuesday and Thursday for 5/6th graders). Given the inherent challenges of requiring students to change at this time, we ask that students wear comfortable activewear bottoms and gym shoes along with their spirit top to school on these days. Age-appropriate and modest shorts and yoga pants may be worn. Students may also wear any LFCDS spirit wear top.

Lower School students may wear regular school attire for physical education classes.


Loafers, oxfords, flats, or sneakers with non-marking soles are acceptable. Heels may not exceed 1 inch. Different colors are acceptable, but footwear should not be attention getting or distracting.


T-shirts may be worn under oxford or polo shirts provided the t-shirt is a solid color and visible only at the neckline. T-shirts alone may not be worn under sweaters and a collared shirt is required.

Assembly Dress

At this time we do not expect assembly dress to be used during the 2020-2021 school year.

cold weather dress

Following Thanksgiving Break, students who choose to wear a skirt, must wear tights or leggings underneath for warmth.

Warm weather dress

Students may wear school dress shorts, following Spring Break until Thanksgiving unless otherwise announced by the division heads.


LFCDS logo fleece jackets, vests, sweatshirts, and other spirit outerwear may be worn during the school day. In the event that a spirit item contains a hood, hoods must remain down.

inappropriate attire

  • Oversized or too tight clothing

  • Distracting or attention-seeking shoes, accessories, or makeup

  • Sandals, clogs, or other backless shoes

  • Hats or hoods worn in the School

  • School dress shorts and skirts must be of modest and appropriate length.

1st STEP, preschool, + junior kindergarten dress

Because children in these grade levels are physically engaged during the learning process, school dress should be comfortable and practical. Complicated fastenings and fancy clothing should be avoided.

We recommend that students come to school in rubber-soled shoes or sneakers. Backless sandals/shoes, cowboy boots, party shoes, and even crocs compromise safety. Children run outside every day.

Shorts and short-sleeve or sleeveless tops are appropriate for warm weather. Children should be prepared for outdoor play in colder weather. Outerwear should include snow pants, mittens, hats, and boots. No scarves, please; but neck gators provide extra warmth. All clothing should be labeled with your child’s name.

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