LFCDS takes very seriously the need for comprehensive campus-wide cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting measures to support our Return to Green Bay Road. The Facilities Team has been following CDC guidelines for disinfection, including: thoroughly cleaning high-touch surfaces, using EPA-approved disinfectant, allowing the prescribed time for the disinfectant to work, and throwing away all used gloves or masks. Additionally, LFCDS is taking the steps outlined below:

Sanitizing Stations

Sanitation stations will be positioned at the school entrances listed below offering hand sanitizer, disposable masks, and gloves:

    • Green Bay Lobby (3 stations)

    • Onwentsia Lobby

    • Preschool

    • ECC

    • Lunchroom

COVID-Specific Cleaning Protocols

LFCDS is implementing COVID-specific cleaning protocols, including:

    • Cleaning all surfaces with soap, water, and an additional disinfectant

    • The routine and frequent cleaning of high-touch areas, including student desks

    • Restrooms will be disinfected thoroughly nightly. High-touch surfaces in the bathroom will be treated twice per day.

    • LFCDS will be applying a nightly electrostatic sanitation to the disinfectant cleaning done in the Nurse’s office. Expanded cleaning protocols will be in place for areas used by ill persons.

Electrostatic Cleaning + Disinfection

Electrostatic cleaning and disinfection will occur daily/nightly in the spaces below:

    • Nurse's office, including the LS130 extension

    • Green Bay vestibule

    • Onwentsia vestibule

    • 1st STEP classroom

    • Preschool classrooms

    • ESP

Additional Campus Considerations

    • LFCDS is utilizing HVAC Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization for disinfection of the Nurse’s Office

    • School air filters have been replaced with MERV-13, hospital-grade filters

    • The classroom ventilation system changes the room air approximately 6 times per hour with fresh air

    • Ultra-violet wands will be used to disinfect electronics

    • A disinfectant will be added to school-wide carpet cleanings

    • Cleaning protocols have been established for outdoor areas

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