We are pleased to share the academic schedule models for the 2020-2021, which reflect our commitment to our program and our adaptability in this time of change. We have worked this summer to adapt the students’ academic schedules so that the same academic schedule can be followed by on-campus and virtual attendees when the campus is open and by all students if circumstances require some or all groups of students to shift to remote learning.

In all three divisions, we seek to have students move from classroom to classroom as little as possible; instead, in nearly all cases, teachers will move from classroom to classroom as needed. Structured “close contact” interactions between ECC and LS homerooms and US advisory groups (pods) and between cohorts (grade levels) will be minimized whenever possible.

The schedules reflect our goals at this time and, as with all aspects of our reopening plan, are subject to change if circumstances change. We recognize that it will take time for the school to “ramp up” to a full day and for all community members to acclimate to an on-campus experience with new procedures and protocols in place. The School will be in touch with details about the opening weeks of school, which will likely involve slightly different schedules from those presented below and abbreviated on-campus days. Reopening, as they say, is a process and not an event. This is a new endeavor for all of us at Lake Forest Country Day School, and we are grateful for your patience, flexibility, and understanding.

Early childhood

The Early Childhood schedules will remain similar to those in years past. That said, the movement of the children will change. In an effort to decrease the amount of movement in the hallways, the specials teachers will come to the classroom for lessons. For example, Preschool and Junior Kindergarten will have Spanish just following music in their classroom with Mrs. Hempen.

In addition, the Junior Kindergarten students who stay for their long days and the Senior Kindergarten students will remain in their classrooms for lunch (or have lunch outdoors whenever possible). Preschool and Junior Kindergarten children will not be permitted to stay for Alcott Lunch Club unless it is absolutely necessary for childcare reasons.

We recognize that remote learning is more difficult for our youngest learners. Because of this, if we were to fall back into Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois plan, Illinois will likely allow children who are not yet age-eligible for Kindergarten to remain on campus for school. It is our intention that our 1st STEP, Preschool, and Junior Kindergarten children would attend in person during Phase 3. Senior Kindergarten through Grade 8, however, would be required to switch to remote learning. We are of course hopeful that we will not revisit Phase 3, and all of our students will be able to remain on campus while practicing the three W’s: washing hands, wearing a mask, and watching their distance.

Lower School

Below is a Lower School sample schedule for the upcoming year, enabling you to visualize the blocks of instruction time throughout the day. The most significant change from years past is the switch from a six-day cycle to a traditional five-day approach. This change within the Upper School and Lower School schedules will enable the students to transition from on-campus learning to remote learning more easily if that time comes.

In an effort to decrease the amount of movement in the hallways, the specials teachers will come to the classroom for lessons. All students will remain in their classrooms for lunch (or have lunch outdoors whenever possible).

In addition, an “extra-special” has been built in to allow for afternoon teacher planning time to assist in accommodating both on-campus and virtual lessons throughout the day, as we will have both on-campus and virtual attendees.

Please note that the schedule below is just a sample and may look different for your child.

Upper School

  • All students will be assigned a smaller subgroup in their grade and remain in an assigned classroom for much of the day. Each grade will be divided into four advisory sections (pods) to maximize safety and social distancing.

  • Students will begin each day in advisory when they will have time to check in, engage in SEL activities, and plan for their day.

  • Core academic classes will meet three times per week for 55 minutes.

  • In addition to tutorial time in the afternoon, students will also be assigned one independent study time during each week. This time affords students who receive additional learning support to meet one-on-one with resource teachers and affords all students extra time for independent work during the school day.

  • Fine Arts classes will be offered by semester and will meet twice per week.

  • All students will participate in athletics with many age-appropriate, safe offerings each season. These will run on MWF during the last block of the school day for 7th and 8th graders and on TR for 5th and 6th graders.

  • Virtual attendees will also be assigned to a designated advisory group pod to allow for the greatest lesson flexibility and opportunity for connection with their teachers.

  • The schedule remains the same in the event that remote-learning sessions need to be implemented during the school year.

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