Lake Forest Country Day School is updating its policies surrounding mask use and expectations. Although LFCDS will provide structured times when students may remove their masks outdoors at a safe distance from others, there are also outdoor activities for which students will be asked to wear their masks. Unsurprisingly, students struggle to maintain a distance of six feet, especially when given less structured time outdoors together. This new approach focuses on safety and clarity and is consistent with the guidelines at other independent schools who have opened in recent weeks and also comes endorsed by medical professionals leading Independent School Management’s 90-day Campus Reopening Program, which our Reopening Committee has been participating in as we developed our Return to Green Bay Road.

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Practice the 3 Ws to prepare for the measures we'll ask students to take on campus: 1) Wash Your Hands - Practice routine, proper hand-washing techniques. 2) Wear a Mask - We recommend finding masks that are comfortable for your child and allow them to breathe easily. Consistent practice with wearing masks for extended periods of time will help our community safely return to and stay on campus as long as possible. 3) Watch Your Distance - Teach children what it looks like to stay 6 feet from others. Creative ideas include: using a pool noodle or lining up six shoes on the ground.

Lake county Health Dept TRAVEL GUIDELINES

The Lake County Health Department recommends avoiding all non-essential travel at this time. This includes international travel and travel from the list of states outlined on their website.

Governors in other states, as well as Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago, have instituted mandatory 14-day quarantines for those coming from states with notably high rates of transmission. Though Governor Pritzker has not yet issued a similar quarantine order, as of this writing (July 26, 2020), all LFCDS families traveling out of state are urged to prepare for such an order and are encouraged to return home to Illinois at least 14 days before returning to campus.